One ad was posted on Craigslist looking for men who wanted to just cuddle. 24 hours later, there were 120 responses. That is one of the ways we will bring Clients to you. For more details please check the Upcoming Features at the bottom of your screen. Thanks for visiting.
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About Us

Just like the first Professional Cuddler Jackie Samuel, the founder is a social worker with more than 20 years of dedicated service. From that foundation, my desire to help others has always been the cornerstone of my work while expanding in entreprenurial areas.

My interests focus on helping individuals create a life they enjoy, and that always seem to involve being a servant to others. I hope to expand our efforts into the areas of research and marketing non-commercial solutions to our common societal problems. I believe that some good old-fashioned solutions have been suppressed by larger market forces, causing us to rely on very profitable and expensive corporate solutions. This website is a small step towards funding greater things. By joining us here, you are also joining us in our future. For that I thank you!

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