One ad was posted on Craigslist looking for men who wanted to just cuddle. 24 hours later, there were 120 responses. That is one of the ways we will bring Clients to you. For more details please check the Upcoming Features at the bottom of your screen. Thanks for visiting.
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Professional Cuddlers are women who provide a comfortable and relaxing cuddle experience for their Clients for $60/hour. This is all about touch and not about sex. Some work from their home, others will come to you. Learn more about becoming a Professional Cuddler or a Client by clicking on the Tell Me More link in the upper right corner - FAQs for Clients and FAQs for Cuddlers.

Other testimonials from other Cuddlers can be found under Links below. Thanks for visiting!

Widowers, divorcees, people in difficult relationships, and those not in one are aching to be touched and held. There are many complex reasons why people are lonely (see the video "Business is Booming" under Links in the footer).

We provide a reliable way to satisfy this need for physical touch along with a comforting presence.

For many, to find someone to cuddle with requires dating. This is so difficult especially when you feel lonely. 

Instead, you can now search for and choose someone to cuddle with, as soon as tonight, and do it safely by hiring a Professional Cuddler!

Being a Professional Cuddler involves providing a safe and relaxing experience for your Client. The specifics to being a Cuddler and running your business are described in the Tell Me More link (upper right) - FAQs for Cuddlers. 

We provide a place for Clients to register and leave important information. This includes their photo, a picture of their driver's license, links to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and their contact information. This digital fingerprint is here to keep Client's honest and Cuddler's safe. People do business on Craigslist all the time with much less information.

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